The property can be let all year round for a minimum period of one week, but we offer special rates for longer stays ,specialy for the entire villa: one month, a saison.

The whole villa can accommodate up to 8 or even 10 people.

Certain sleeping areas can be independent: the Loft and the Marine Apartment , making several configurations possible when rhe villa is not full, i.e. outside the summer season. The following letting arrangements are available.:

-5 bedrooms: the entire villa , i.e. the 2  main bedrooms plus its two apartments(Marine apartment and Loft), with lounge, terraces, garden barbecue area, pool, gardens + jacuzzi.

-4 bedrooms: the 2  main bedrooms plus Marine apartment , with terraces,  garden barbecue area, pool , gardens excepted the specific Loft  garden . 

-3 bedrooms: the 2  main bedrooms plus the 1-bed Loft Apartment,  again with lounge, terraces, garden barbecue area, pool, jacuzzi, gardens excepted the specific Marine Apartment gardens.

'2 bedrooms (main villa) : the 2  main bedrooms , with lounge, terraces, garden barbecue area, pool, gardens excepted the specific Marine Apartment and the specific Loft  garden  ..

-Another 2 bedroons option: The Marine Apartment-2 bedrooms, private terrace.

-1 sophisticated  and lovely 1 bedroom: the Loft apartment with private terrace and garden and jacuzzi.

Rates vary according to season from 5000 euros to 2500 euros per week for the entire villa. Special rates apply depending on the duration : summer (july and august) , 4 weeks in the entire house drops to 16000 in august and 11000 euros in july; in july, we have 3500 euro per week and 6400 euros for 2 weeks.

 Off-season(winter and beginning of spring), our rates drop to 6000 euros for 1 month and 11000 euros for 2 months.

In june and september, the entire house drops to 9000 euros for 1 month; in october, it drops to 6500 euros (very nice season; beautifull colors ; always sunny !!!) .


Loft with Jacuzzi: 1500 euros per week. Off-season: 2800 euros per month.

Marine apartment:  900 euros per week. Off-season: 2000 euros per month.

We offer a variety of cost options for all configurations, with a suite of services adapted to suit you: breakfast, daily cleaning, meal service. 

Please do not hesitate to ask should you require further information. Please contact us.